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  • Prayer: ("Our journey is supernatural. We depend upon God, through prayer, to guide us as we walk by faith.")

  • Passion: ("We live out our faith with passions. We're excited about Jesus and refuse to become complacent, lukewarm, bitter. We're more interested in the future than the past because life is short and our destiny is eternal. Our God is great and so we cast our cares on Him and seize each day.")

  • Giving: ("God is generous towards us, and so we strive to be generous to others. We don't count the cost.")

  • Bible knowledge ("The Bible is our anchor, our light, our compass. We are intensely interested in growing deeper in our Bible knowledge and application. We seek to "be" and "do" like Jesus.")

  • Multi-Generational: ("Families matter to God, and so they matter to us. We are intentional in fostering a culture in which all ages can worship together, side-by-side.")

  • Evangelism: ("We are interested not just in who we are trying to keep, but in who we are trying to reach. We will get out of our comfort zones to share God's love with our neighbours because they matter to us.")

  • Gifts-Based Ministry: (Lay Involvement) ("We are always better together. The church is at its best when everyone has a part to play and utilizes their talents and passions for the glory of God. Everyone is a "Minister" at F.B.C.")

  • Relationships: ("We place a high value on relationships because people matter deeply to God. We seek to be authentic in our spiritual journeys with one another. We care passionately about grace and hope, since our Lord is a God of second chances.")

  • Sacrificial Love: ("We seek to love our neighbours as ourselves on all occasions. And so we seek to put our faith in action in ways that are relevant, practical, and that meet felt needs. We care deeply about widows, orphans, and justice as per Micah 6.")

  • Simplicity: ("We are a small church with a big heart. Because we are small, we have narrowed our focus to do fewer things in order to make a greater impact. We evaluate ministries regularly to assess results against goals.")
VISION FOR WORSHIP SERVICES AT F.B.C.: "To create an excellent and unforgettable worship experience each week of the year for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). To this end, each worship service will inspire, influence, and involve everyone present."